Last Blog 5/31/2020

I am now 21. when i reflect back to the beginning stages i wonder what i was felling. i remember it being not to big of a deal but i was exited because it was another week of spring break.  all of the science that we had to do is what kept me busy. it was fun for me. not having like big things that would build up stress. more tests and such.

what i was most afraid of was is someone in my family got it.  it made me sad knowing that there inst a cure and it would be hard to recover. i kept on getting mad at myself because i would always procrastinate. in quarantine i liked just staying the comfort in my home and being able to take as long as i want to get ready. i remember the first day of virtual school i was really exited but we didn’t really do anything. it was kind of weird seeing everyone rooms and houses. as we got more in to virtual school it began to get more tiring but it was still something to look forward to.  every time i would leave my house to go to the grocery store it was always so weird to just see peoples eyes and not the expressions on there faces.

there still isn’t a cure but scientist have just  made a discovery that the bat isn’t to blame but something else in the ocean. it has be eating away at the plastic and taking in all of the germs.

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