LOC 9/21/19

Hi this is my first blog of this year!! This week was….. LOC! This year we spent two nights and this year I did the high ropes course. while I was doing the ropes course I was so so so scared. the post felt like the where swaying, you had to clip yourself in to like change it and it looked a bit old and rickety. I did have fun. I did cry. and I do want to go back! ¬†We played a game called protect the fort and you had to go through training and the protect the fort. No one person was the leader. Everybody was included and I hope every body had fun!

When was LOC made?.

Who made LOC?

Are the consolers names real?

2 thoughts on “LOC 9/21/19

  1. We talked today about how scared you were and I feel that you are having nightmares about this! It is hard to step out of your comfort zone but you did it. Your sling lines helped keep you safe even in the swaying posts. Your sling lines are also your parents, siblings and teachers! We will keep you safe and you must learn to trust. I am glad you liked the fort game. I think everyone had fun at LOC this year!

  2. Hi Caroline,
    This is Lizzie. I love your post about LOC! The ropes course seems so scary! I also loved the protect the fort game! That was my favorite part of LOC!!
    Questions: How high was the ropes course? What was your favorite part of LOC???

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