Final Blog!!!!!!! 5/25/19

This year was the…BEST YEAR EVER! In science at least ;).  My favorite lab we did was figuring out who wrote the “sporking cat” note. What I liked about it was how you could see the colored ink move from the reaction. My least favorite lab was… none I liked them all! The most interesting topic was the ocean and how it is suffering, not that suffering is fun or anything but what is really happening in the word. It was really interesting to watch some videos on the ocean to get a better under standing. I also really liked the biomes. I liked to learn about different places and biomes to know that there is more then just city a country. there is a whole other world like the dessert, rainforest and a whole ocean!

I wish we spent more time on owl pellets just because there is still a lot I don’t know about owl pellets. How do they form? How long do they take to form? What is an owl pellet? Is an owl the only bird that has pellets? I also wish we spent more time on plankton! We did spend a lot of time on it but I thought it was so fascinating! I thought it was so cool how you can’t even see them but then how do they eat? I also wished we spent more time on elements but we also spent a lot of time on them this year. I wish we learn a lot more then 11 elements but 11 is a lot. I wish we learned about animals and there origins, that sounds crazy but cool! Science helped me out with learning what is pretty on the out side is ugly on the out side. Like invasive species. Look Out!


R.I.P Heaven 5/12

This week was really chill besides Heaven. A bird hit a window,broke his neck and died. We named the yellow baby bird heaven,hoping he or she would go to heaven. With a name like that he/she has to be! My class and I found a out of the way place in the woods to barry our dead friend at. We got to hold the bird and its neck was so lose. The bird was soft. The bird was gorgeous with its yellow wings. My class dug a for Heaven and said our last good byes. We had flowers we put on it to show our respect. I miss Heaven and it hasn’t even been a week. I not really sure what kind of bird Heaven is other than a yellow bird.

Sifting compost! 5/7/19

This week we sifted compost with the kindergarten. I found 20 worms and 50 peanuts.  We took these big sifting blocks and got shovels and we would load it into a wheel barrow and later but it in buckets. We had to put it in a bucket and bring it up with a partner and the buckets were supper heavy. My class got to dip our heads in Cedar lake!  My hair looked super bad and I had a track meet.

Why were there so many peanuts?

What is the importance of the worms?

What is the easiest thing do decompose?

Tapestry! 5/6/19

This week… was TAPESTRY!!!  Now you might be thinking, what is tapestry, well Prek-8 does a big performance for anybody who comes. This year the theme was Sports Game Show. My class did a big basket ball act and our coach quit because we are lazy! This was our music teachers first year and she did amazing! I had a good time watching all of the classes especially the teachers dance!Who invented basketball?

Why do we do tapestry?

Who invented tapestry?


Tornado event 3/26/19

This week we did an ultimate tornado drill simulation with fake blood, a lot of makeup, a firetruck, fire people and most important acting skills! Coach,Miss Pittions and three of my friends. I was covered in cold,sticky blood. It was all in my hair! Mostly because I was rolling around. It was so funny because coach was saying…” I hope track isn’t canceled!!!!!!!” Miss Pittions was banging a trash can against the door. When the firemen came in they had the brightest and biggest flashlights. The firemen put me in a stretcher and it was so FUN!

3 Questions

What is the safest place to go in a tornado?

Why did we do the drill?

Where do tornadoes form?