What is earths most dangerous animal? 4/5/19

You might think its a big animal like a Hippo , Elephant or Lion but actually it is a mosquito!  You might think ” oh thats not the most dangerous!” But a mosquito carries diseases from one human to another or one animal to another. Once the mosquito killed 2.3 million people from spreading malaria! But don’t worry the chance of you getting it from a mosquito is 40% chance not as likely today. Just carry some bug spray with you!.

What is the oceans most dangerous animal?

What is earths least dangerous animal?

What part of the human body is the mosquitos favorite?

What would happen if you don’t sleep? 4/5/19


What would happen if you don’t sleep? The first day you don’t sleep you would be alright… in the morning. But you brain wouldn’t act normal because I can’t recharge and shut down.  But your brain produces a chemical called dopamine you you still have a bit of energy. Now you brain is going to shut down its  prefrontal cortex which controls your reflexes, impulses  and decision making . On the second day you should start do have dark spots under your eyes giving you the appearance of a zombie or really really ill. Your immune system can’t function well without sleep so you have more chances of getting a cold or a flu. Day three without sleep is were things take a turn for the worst. You will start imaging things. Without sleep you could die from exhaustion! But if you don’t sleep for awhile, all you need to recharge is twelve hours of sleep.

 get sleep!!!!!


What is the best sleeping temperature?

What Is the most hours that we are able to sleep?

How did Sleep get its name?


Crystal Caves 4/3/19

I took a trip to a place with crystal caves and I am going to talk about It. In the caves it was wet and cold. The reason it was wet is because when it rains it seeps through the limestone (top part) forming the stalactites. It takes 75 years for it to grow 1 centimeter. ( thats along time ). The stalactites will drip with water and that means it is still growing. Now when stalactites drip on the ground they form the stalagmites  (which are on the bottom).  When they are dried the crystals are really really sparkly.  It looked like glitter!                                                                                                                                       This Is where I went!!!

Who thought of the name stalactite?

Who thought of the name stalagmite?

Who thought of the word crystal?