Elements 3/22

In science were are learning about compounds,mixtures,elements and Question Mark. We had to sort different items like lemonade,salad,table sugar, salt and copper.  We also did something were we had to be real scientists this is how did it.  We had a note that said ” Give Me Your Cat Or Pay 1888.00$ I WILL SPORK YOUR CAT! ” so we had to to do an experiment with the marker.  Your color on a paper with a marker and dip it in rubbing alcohol and if it was the same reaction as the note then it was the marker. ( It was Mick Crowchip)


. How does this reaction work?

.Do smelly markers have a different reaction?

. Do mini markers have a different reaction?

Science Expo 3/18/19

Last week is the highlight of all the year for me the SCIENCE EXPO!!!!!!!!!! 4th Grade did Put Put Golf, Fifth Grade did Invention, 6th grade(my grade) did Wax Museum I was the one and only Jane Goodall, 7th did open ended project and 8th did Hover Crafts. We also had Goop, Music Bananas , Music Makers, Stress balls and other things.

It was fun to see every bodies board and projects.






What is the different between a science fair and expo?

Will the wax museum ever be something else ?

Why is it call a wax museum?

A walk on the ice 3/10/19

In science we took a walk on our lake. I Learned that when on the shore when there is no ice that there is a spring, like in this picture.  We found some cool tracks and we think they are either a wolf or a coyote. A few people in my class started singing let it go, because Shane said… ” I’ve never seen Frozen” and they burst into let it go. We took a lot of breaks with different topics like looking side ways at the trees,  talking about M.I.A.DS and talking about how snow is a really good insulated for when six grade is singing…. LET IT GO!. When we were heading back down stair we came a cross a rock that we take a picture of us on it every year to see how much we grew.


Could animals survive on the ice?

Could people survive on the ice?

How much weight could 1 inch thick I hold?


Density 3/3

In science we were learning about density. This is a way we look at it Don’t break my heart mass over volume.  We had different thing like a capsule that floats so you had to weigh it to get the mass. fill it with pennies and drop it the a graduated cylinder to get the volume. Then divide and then you got the density. We did this again with neutral buoyancy and Sink Sank Sunk.  It was fun! 

does the volume have a say on weather it will float?

If you filled it with legos would it sink sense legos can float?

Does the shape of the capsule have an effect?