More about biomes! 12/2

This week we are still working on our biome projects. I’m learning a lot more about the marine biome than I thought. Like did you know when the puffer fish blows up it protects the predator by blowing up? Why, well the puffer fish has a poisonous gallbladder so the predator could die. Now here is what i am thinking the puffer is now the predator instead of the prey. Puffer fish are so cute I want one for a pet, kind of. If it didn’t puff up when I cleaned it’s tank. There are five different puffer fish types in the world. The puffer fish can weigh 10 – 30 pounds, wow! that little thing!


What is the max depth for the puffer fish to swim or is the no limit?

Do the puffer fish live in all the oceans?

What is the puffer fish biggest predator?

How do the puffer fish inflate?