Science Card Game 11/3/18

This week in science we played a science food web card game of Michigan Producers,Consumers and Decomposers. This is one of my favorite science games. Ok here is how to play, first give each player six cards and the you make a little food web triangle that represents the food web. Then you go in whatever order you want and draw cards out of another pile. Some of the cards are more animals but some of them say take a card from an opponents web so if an opponent only as one plant and a lot  of animals above that, all of the animals above will go in the discard and they might lose most of the time,but all of the other opponents will be against you. I hope you understand and give this game a try! Its a lot of fun!

Who thought of this game?
When was this game made?                                                                                                                                                                         How many different versions of this game are there?

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