Predator and prey 10/22/18

Predator prey was a game we played in science. So there is one prey who turns around and counts to twenty while the predators hide in the woods. Then the prey turns around and if the prey sees something they will say ” person in the blue shirt behind the bush I see you come out!” then your a prey with them but if there was no one behind said bush then you have to just keep looking. If there are two people left and the prey give up which ever predator was closer wins! Oh I forgot to say that every time the prey counts you have to move ten steps closer to the prey. ┬áIf you tag the prey then you win! The reason we played Predator and pray was because we were learning about habitats and Comensolism, Mutulism and Parisitsm.

Who made the game Predator prey?

What makes a prey a prey?

How do the predators sneak up on the prey if all there muscle and fat are so loud?


Ecology 9/30/18

This week in science we did a Ecology Slide. Everyone Had there own word, mine was Ecology. We had to write or just explain what your word meant. Ecology is say you were a fish you can’t live in a pond by yourself, you need other thing to survive, like plants, other fish and other animals. We also learned about caring Capacity with a floor puzzle with a tape square around it like the forest, and the puzzle was our food and water. we fought a little about were the pieces went, but we got the puzzle done. My feet were hurting because we all got like five inches of space. I learned that caring capacity is how much you have of space, food and water to live.

How many species in the world are there of fish?

Why do you need other things to survive?

Why is there different nature Vocabulary?