L.O.C Rocks! 9/23

This week at school third to eighth went to Loc. Loc is a nature based field trip where sixth to eighth grade will stay two nights, and third to fifth only one.

My favorite part all in all was the rock wall. I conquered my fear of heights.  One of the educational things we did was on the first day,  we went on a hike learning about nature with all the super cool conselors and found super cool insects and plants! What I learned was to be respectful to nature or else it would be gone.Thats  just terrible if there was no more nature, so we have to be respectful to it. I really love Loc, I did get homesick but only a little we were doing so many activities I didn’t even realize I was homesick.Another thing we did was canoeing I saw a Beaver, a Craine at least I think it was, and fish lots of them.At the end of canoeing we went in a tunnel to get to the other side and I was scared that I was going to get my head chopped off. When we were getting ready to go back to Loc then came the killer mosquitos,Yeah I was so itchy. Loc was fun. I just can’t say enough good things about it. I learned how to Work with others, To love nature and to just focus on the present no the past or the future.


What would life be if the was no nature?

How many types of fish are there in the Crystal river?

How Many different types of plants are there in Michigan?


9/16 Dam it!

Dam it is a game were the teacher turns on a hose at a sandy place. You make paths by running a shovel or u fingers threw the sand.

Dam it a Cedar lake


.       We took wooden blocks to make city’s and towers. we let the Water do its thing without interfering for 2 minuets, so if a building fell over we couldn’t fix it until the 2 minuets were up.

In Dam it I learned how people fought over Water which we did do a little.We also were Learning about what people in North Carolina and South Carolina with hurricane Florence by getting water from the lake,putting it in buckets and dumping it on the “town”. It was fun and Educational and frustrating when my house fell down to the water. We learned about how the water flows threw the sand divots into the lake. We learned How hard it was not to  having the rivers clogged up with sand so it would easily flow threw. I learned that the skinnier the river the faster the water flows threw. I learned about “Pink Pig Poo Slime” Which is exactly what it sounds like,pig poo thats pink. Farmers put all of the pig poo and put it in holes, so hurricane Florence will come along and wash up all that poo and it will get every where.So we made a hole with blocks in it calling that the slime and seeing it washing up, not everywhere but some places like in the rivers. I Highly recommend this learning experience.

How are rivers formed?

Does river flow change because of temperature?

Does water flow change because of the of animals in it?